Commercial Security Cameras by Sure Site

5 Reasons for Commercial Security Cameras

You may not realize that a single act of vandalism can cost a small business an average of $3,500. You may also be unaware of the risks of shrinkage, employee misconduct, and uncovered losses. What you need to know is that security cameras can do more than protect your business from these problematic scenarios; cameras can also help you understand and improve the way you serve your customers.

Video Can Provide Insight

As a business owner, you know that it’s impossible to see everything that happens in your business at any given moment. You may not be around all the time to monitor employee conduct or consumer behavior. With security cameras, you keep an eye on every part of your business from unloading and stocking practices to customer engagement. Armed with this knowledge, you can make improvements that will serve your business and your clientele more effectively.

Take Action Against Theft

Properly placed security cameras can not only catch thieves in the act, but they can also deter them and help you prevent theft. You can also monitor employees and determine when they might be stealing, or if their actions make it easier for thieves to take advantage of your business. Cameras also allow you to see potential theft before it happens and intervene without disturbing other clients or shopping before the theft occurs.

Protect Your Clientele

Just as clearly positioned security cameras discourage thieves, they also help to make customers feel more secure. You can monitor parking lots and the exterior of the building for bad actors that might scare shoppers. Cameras also allow you to keep an eye on suspicious characters or those who are openly carrying weapons so that you can act sooner in a dangerous situation.

Prove an Insurance Claim

If a crime should occur, video can provide evidence that will help you recover. Video surveillance can be used as evidence by the police, who in turn can help you to prosecute a criminal and report loss or damage to your insurance provider. Video evidence can also be an important factor in a liability lawsuit, helping your insurance company to defend you or even to disprove an injury claim.

Save Money on Security

As compared to security officers and other methods of deterring and addressing crime in your business, cameras are significantly cheaper and easier to maintain. You can use your cameras 24 hours a day without worrying about scheduling an employee or replacing that employee when they are sick or unavailable. (Cameras also never bargain with their employers for benefits and paid vacation time.)

You may have believed that security cameras were relatively limited in their benefits, but they can be a critical part of your success and your ability to protect your business and your customers. If you want to install a high-quality, easy-to-use security system for your business, let Sure Site help you! We can help you place your cameras and implement a system that will allow you to see everything that affects your business. Call us today!