Internet Provider FAQ

The Right Answers

What is “no-site?”
When a company states that they cannot find a line of site to a satellite in order for you to get a signal in your home. Sure Site exhausts every possibility get a line of site for our customers. We are also creative, making the satellite dish blend into the landscape if possible.

What is HD?
High Definition provides a resolution that is much higher than the normal resolution of most televisions.

What is DVR?
Digital Video Recorder allows customers to pause live television and record shows on a hard drive. With the busy schedules of customers, it is something that customers enjoy about the DVR technology. They can record their favorite shows and watch at a time that is convenient.

What is HD DVR?
High Definition Digital Video Recorder allows customers to utilize the recorder features in high definition format.

What is a receiver and why do I need it?
A receiver is a main component in a satellite system. The receiver has four main functions: de-scramble the encrypted signal, converts signal into a format for television, extracts channels from the larger satellite signal, keeps track of pay-per-view programs and communicates to the provider.

Why is satellite TV better than cable TV?
Satellite TV offers more channels at a lower price than cable TV. The satellite signal offers movie quality picture and sound. Sports fans also like satellite TV much more than cable for the different sports they are able to view. The technology of satellite TV also allows customers to view sports teams and shows that are not normally available in their local cable market.

What do companies mean by an “upgrade” and why should I upgrade?
An upgrade with any company normally indicates that the technology has changed and the services provided have new features and equipment available to the customer. Some upgrades require a fee and some are free during limited time promotions. Our staff is knowledgeable about our products and can walk customers through the upgrade process.

Why do you need my credit card and/or social security number?
When leasing equipment, companies normally run a soft credit check to insure their leased equipment will be well taken care of by the customer. Some companies charge the card up front and others simply place a hold on the card until the equipment has been installed.