Residential security cameras

5 Ways to Use Residential Security Cameras

It is a common misconception that security cameras are only used to monitor your yard for criminal activity. The reality is that modern security cameras are used in a wide variety of ways you might not have imagined! Residential cameras can be accessed over wifi and can make it possible to monitor your home, family, and pets while you’re at work or running errands. Read more to find out just a few of the ways you can use your residential security cameras.

Monitor Package Delivery: Doorbell and porch cameras are endlessly useful, allowing you to see when packages arrive and even alert you when someone comes to your door. Some doorbell cameras are equipped with a speaker so that you can prevent package theft by confronting suspicious visitors, even when you aren’t home. You can also monitor post service and provide more information for insurance claims should a parcel be mishandled.

Know What’s Happening at Home: Interior cameras or “nanny cams” have been used for decades to help parents learn about what happens when they are away from home without their children. Today’s interior cameras do much more than keep an eye on the babysitter. Your interior camera can let you know when the kids have come home from school, or let you watch your pets while you’re at work. Modern interior cameras can even allow you to monitor your home right through your phone while on vacation.

Deter Criminals: Your security system allows you to monitor activity around your home and even to speak to suspicious visitors to your home through a speaker. The most beneficial part of having a visible security system is as a deterrent. Home invaders and thieves tend to avoid houses with prominent security cameras and signs the indicate security system on the premises.

Insurance Benefits: A home security system and security cameras are often considered in home insurance and rewarded with a discount. Recording criminal activity and collecting images as documentation can be extremely helpful in the claim process. The saved images and videos in your security system can also identify stolen objects and prove how the damage occurred when making a claim.

Aiding the Police: In the event that you are subject to criminal activities, security recordings can be very helpful to the police. Videos can make it easier to identify suspects and document stolen or broken items. They can also pinpoint the time, date, and duration of an incident.

Track Down a Pet: It happens to us all – Aunt Meg comes over and in the excitement of her visit, you lose track of your cat. Your security cameras can help you determine if he escaped outside, and your nanny cam can help you track him down if he is still in the house. Security cameras can also help you figure out where your dog has found a hole in the fence that you just can’t seem to find, or help you identify a suspect should a stranger try to abuse your pet or steal her from your yard.

There are so many uses for a comprehensive residential security system with cameras that it almost seems like they should be called something else! If you are ready to explore all that security cameras can do for you, call Sure Site today to get started.