protecting security cameras from hackers

Are Hackers Watching You?

Security Cameras are becoming more and more popular for residential properties. Now you can monitor your baby’s nursery, find out who is at the door from your phone, and check in on your home while on vacation. While security cameras help to keep you safe from home invaders, it’s up to you to keep your cameras safe from internet invaders.

Security cameras and other “smart” devices connect to a network. What this means is that your Wi-Fi router is your primary defense against hackers who can access the network used to power your security system. Since your cameras are constantly interacting with the network to collect and store information, hackers who know how to exploit the vulnerability of your network can access this information any time they want.

Services like “Ring” and other “smart” doorbells and security systems often suffer from weak security protocols. This makes it relatively simple for a hacker to infiltrate your network and learn about your routines and how often you check your security footage. They can then use this knowledge to pick the best time for theft or turn off your security cameras so that they can break into your home. Footage can even be used on the dark web – it is relatively easy for a hacker to use footage of your children in nefarious ways.

Beating hackers means changing your security protocols and choosing a security system that allows you to control access to your network and your footage. In addition to creating challenging, secure passwords and changing them often, you’ll want to consider the overall safety of your Wi-Fi network. The following tips will help you get started:

Choose a unique network name. Don’t name your network so that it provides hints for hackers about your location and personal information. Rather than naming the network after your street or using your last name, create a completely new and unique name for your network.

Install your network out of sight. Make it difficult for hackers to find your network on your PC. You may even want to set up a separate network for your security system rather than simply using the network already in use for your PC and phone.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi to access your security system. It may seem convenient to use the coffee shop Wi-Fi to check your front porch while you’re out, but doing so can give anyone who uses that network access to your system as well.

Get professional help. Sure Site can help you to set up a network and even to create a “guest network” for visitors so that no one uses your security network except you. We can also configure your settings to make it more difficult for hackers to watch you or steal your identity, and answer your questions about how to use your system safely.

Sure Site can also install your entire security system. Professional installation will streamline the process of mounting your cameras and other equipment. Our security systems function without the type of internet access that can give hackers a quick back door to your network and equipment. Sure Site will be happy to help you establish the right security protocols to allow you to enjoy your system without the fear that you are sharing your private moments or sensitive information with potential hackers.

To start protecting your home, learn more about Sure Site’s security cameras instillation or contact us today to discuss options for your home.