Home Theater by Sure Site Satellite

Are You Ready for a Home Theater?

Home theater has evolved, allowing more people to experience their favorite movies in the comfort of their own homes rather than braving the sticky-floored public theaters and the risk of catching COVID-19. Home theater now offers quality that rivals and even surpasses the theater experience. The initial investment in high-quality home theater also saves money as compared to going out to see a movie (and the popcorn is fresher).

Are you ready to create the perfect home theater in your home? It’s easier and more affordable than ever to produce a theater-quality experience in your living room, but there are some things to consider. You’ll need to begin by choosing the equipment you want to use.


You will want to make sure that your TV can handle whatever kind of media you’ll be using. If you plan to stream video, you may want to lean toward a smart TV, and you’ll want to be sure that your refresh rate is optimal if you are an avid video game enthusiast. Large TVs benefit from 4K and OLED technologies to produce a clear picture, but if you are looking to go REALLY big in a dedicated home theater room, you may want to consider a projector and screen that can measure as large as 100” or more.

Video Sources

What will you be watching in your home theater? If you have a large collection of blu-ray movies, a Blu-ray player that also accesses the internet and other streaming sources may be the right choice for you. Or you may find that a 4K media player or a smart set-top box provides the signal and the viewing options you want most. Many video sources also offer connections to streaming sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime.


Your receiver is the center of your home theater system, providing surround sound processing and the power to drive your speakers, and acting as the hub for all your audio/video sources and your TV. Many current receivers also access the internet, allowing you to stream music via your receiver. Modern wireless receivers can also make it easier to create a robust surround sound environment without messy cords and connections.


Traditional surround sound systems consist of at least five speakers and a powered subwoofer. You have a wide variety of options when it comes to speakers, including options like Dolby Atmos, which creates the most realistic sound possible and adjusts to the shape of your viewing room for optimal surround capabilities. You can also choose from models that will look as beautiful as they sound in your home theater.


No one wants a home theater decorated with wires everywhere to connect all your equipment. Many modern equipment options are created to be wireless, and others need a wired connection to provide optimal performance. Professional home theater installation can help make your wired equipment fit into your home theater seamlessly and work in cooperation with wireless sources to create a virtually invisible connection.

Does all this seem like a lot of choices to make? Have no fear! Sure Site provides the best home theater installation available, helping you to choose the right equipment and install it properly. Our team can make sure that your internet is ready to offer the best streaming options and will help you set up your connections so that your system works seamlessly and effortlessly.

Let us help you create the best theater experience you’ve ever had – right in your living room! Call Sure Site today!