Mobile Limited Internet Saver Tips

Data Saver Tips

For many of us, rationing our internet data is a daily struggle. One minute of scrolling becomes thirty, one video on YouTube leads to ten more… it can be hard not to use all your data before the month is over! Use these data saver tips to avoid running out of data.

Connect to Wifi. If you are at home and receive unmetered internet data, make sure your phone is connected to wifi. When you are out, check for free wifi hotspots. You can even save large downloads for when you know you will be within a wifi hotspot. Many libraries, businesses, and restaurants offer free wifi, but be careful to only connect to those networks that you trust to keep your devices safe.

Search for Metered Data Settings on Your Devices. Many phones, computers, and tablets offer settings that will allow you to limit background data usage. You can also use certain apps, or monitor your own usage to set daily limits for yourself to preserve your data. Check your phone to see if you have web sites or other background sources that may be using your data passively.

Turn Down the Definition. Did you know that most videos automatically play at the highest quality possible, even if a lower definition option is available? When watching videos on your phone, it’s unlikely that you will be able to see a noticeable difference between a video viewed in 4K and one viewed at 1080p, even though the file you are downloading is twice as large for 4K. You can usually set the quality of a video manually in your settings to load videos more quickly and use less data. Video streaming services also offer metered data connection options that provide the stream in a lower definition, allowing you to preserve your data.

Try Endless Data Internet. If the stress associated with managing your data is more than you can handle, consider contacting Sure Site about Endless Data Internet in your home. There is no outdoor installation required, and our modem/router combination provides high-speed internet on a super-fast cellular 4G network. Without the hassle of scheduling installation, you can quickly and easily gain access to unlimited internet and forget about data limits completely.

Contact Sure Site today to find out how you can stop worrying about your data limits and start enjoying your devices the way you want to. Unlimited satellite internet is perfect for your busy lifestyle!