Home with Internet in Rural Area

Internet Access Far From Cities

It appears no one cares about bringing internet options to rural areas. For years customers have suffered with horrible internet. Options that aren’t reliable and don’t allow them to use the internet to its full capacity. They have suffered through the lagging, the unreliability, the weather-related outages and customer service that they can never get in touch with.  We’re here to help!

As most of you know we are offering a cellular based service in these rural areas called “Endless Data”. Our Endless Data service has helped customers who were only able to get 1mbps download with their previous service be able to get over 30-40mbps download. This a significant difference going from having an internet service that takes minutes to load a website to be able to download the website in mere seconds. We are all about the high-speed experience and want to only offer the best to our customers.

Our Endless Data Service allows us to offer completely unlimited service with no data caps and no thresholds. We offer a 15-day trial for new customers so that you can try our service to see if its best suited for your household. We offer this service nationwide. Our Endless Data is also portable so if you have reception with our system you can take this anywhere. We know that Rural Internet has been a problem for many years but at Sure Site we share your concern and are working to find a solution. If you are interested in looking at better internet options, please reach out to us today. We will search your address and let you know exactly what is offered in your area.