cutting cable with high speed internet in rural area

Is it Time to Cut the Cable Cord?

Recent advancements in streaming services and internet speeds have led many people to cut out Cable! High-speed internet can be used to stream many of the most popular shows, and many consumers enjoy the savings and the convenience of streaming.

Traditional cable TV boasts faster streaming speeds, but in reality, cable speed is often slowed by traffic congestion and use in your area, making steaming and cable internet relatively equal. High-speed internet and streaming services can be implemented at an additional cost in both cases, but most often cable service fees will rise sharply after the first year, while streaming fees tend to remain relatively the same over time. For nearly a third of the cost of cable, streaming offers very similar internet speeds.

Speed is important, but the amount of speed you need can vary widely from household to household. To watch movies, participate in light online gaming, or browse the internet, high-speed internet will provide plenty of speed. If, however, you run several devices at the same time, upload large files frequently to the cloud, or support several online gaming platforms at once, you may need faster speeds and might want to opt for speed-friendly cable or fiber internet. To find out what your needs might be, take the internet speed quiz.

Most current cable packages include streaming services. Many consumers keep their cable service specifically for the streaming services that allow them access to Netflix, Prime, and YouTube, but it’s much more economical to access streaming services via high-speed internet. With reasonably priced complimentary services like Hulu and Sling, you can augment your local channels and watch content from nearly every network that is available through cable. Additional local channels can be added easily with an HD antenna, making cable virtually defunct.

Many consumers also remark that they prefer the option to watch content whenever it is convenient for them. Traditional cable requires a potentially faulty remote box to access cable channels, and often a DVR component must be added to the package to allow viewers to access programs at the time they wish rather than the scheduled air time. OnDemand services are also reportedly very underused and considered unreliable by many consumers, driving more and more people to search for alternatives to cable TV.

For many people living in areas where cable or DSL internet has not been previously available, satellite television was the only option to access network content. High-speed satellite internet options are changing that in rural and other under-served areas. Endless Data Internet Service provides faster speeds, reliable service, and unlimited data plans to consumers in rural as well as urban areas, allowing consumers everywhere to enjoy speed and convenience.

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