Hands on a laptop with unlimited internet

Is Your Unlimited Data Truly Unlimited?

Lately, it seems all internet and phone providers are offering some sort of an “unlimited” plan, but is it truly unlimited? In an age where most consumers are using their internet services for Television Streaming and Online Gaming you need a viable internet service with no data caps and thresholds, but is that what you are getting? Many services are offering an unlimited plan, but have a threshold or soft data cap. What this means is after hitting a certain amount of usage they can throttle your speeds during times of congestion. These soft data caps are in place to help protect customers from slower internet speeds by reducing the speed for customers who have already used their threshold. It helps maintain speeds, but what happens if you have a heavy streaming or gaming household? They don’t have an option for you! Once you hit your threshold your speeds are reduced during those times of congestion until your month resets or in some cases you pay for more data.

Sure Site has the solution and is now offering a service that is completely unlimited with no thresholds or data caps! Our Endless Data is offering service that is truly Endless. This service has a lower latency since it is cellular based and will work for your Streaming and Online Gaming needs! We also have been getting a lot of questions regarding our service working with Security Cameras and VPN’s: our service does work well for both. The only thing our service requires is a decent cell signal. If you are unsure how your cell signal is depending on your location, we can set up a free site survey to test this new service at your location. Stop putting up with Internet service that isn’t unlimited and call us today!