Mesh Networks for whole home wifi

Mesh Networks for Whole Home Coverage

Do you have issues with a weak wi-fi connection in your own home? Do you lose your internet connection in certain rooms and need to move closer to the your router inorder to regain the connection? With most ISP’s the router within the modem will have a certain range for Wi-Fi coverage. Normally anywhere between (1,200-1,400 sq. ft) So what if your home is larger than the square footage your router covers? There are numerous products on the market that can help you with whole-home Wi-Fi but overall, we recommend a Mesh Network.

Mesh Networks allow for flawless whole-home coverage. So, for example, if you have a 7,000 sq. ft home and you are walking from your attic to your basement you won’t lose your internet connection, it will pick up seamlessly and transition to the different devices that are placed around your home. Gone are the days of losing your Wi-Fi connection within your own home.

These systems also allow for automatic upgrades, bug fixes, performance improvements and new features. They differ from Wi-Fi Extenders as they do not hinder your internet speed as much as an extender. You may have a 1-4mbps decrease in overall speed compared to cutting your speed in half with an extender.

A Mesh Network can also be vital if your home uses smart devices. This can help ensure your devices work seamlessly across your entire home, from smart lights, to built in Bluetooth speakers, to your voice command devices and more.

Overall Mesh Networks are the answer if you want excellent Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home. At Sure Site, the products that we recommend are the Eero and Google Nest devices. These are overall amazing products when it comes to quality, speed reduction and cost. If you are having problems with losing your wi-fi connection in your home and are interested in seeing how a device like this would work for your home, contact Sure Site to get started!