Prewiring for your New Construction

What is Pre-Wiring

Many modern homes feature “structured wiring”, also known as “pre-wiring”, for televisions, surround sound, and cable or satellite connections. Pre-wiring provides many advantages, most noticeably the absence of jumbled wires trailing from your appliances. Pre-wired homes replace this unsightly mess with wiring that has been installed into the walls of your home, just like your electrical wiring.

Wiring can be done in a lot of different ways, and the advantages of pre-wiring your new constructions are myriad. It goes without saying that tearing out and replacing drywall in order to wire your home can be costly, and sometimes impossible. Homes that are wired as part of their construction make it easier to accommodate your home stereo, television, or home theater and help you avoid difficult decisions about what type of appliances you can use in which location.

Pre-wiring in this way not only saves you the ugliness of cords running from all over but also protects these connections from being disrupted by something as simple as dusting your home. The following items benefit the most from pre-wiring:

Video – Establishing outlets for TV installation and cable or satellite connections makes it easy to get your video entertainment started, no matter who you decide to use as your provider.

Audio – The ability to connect speakers to your main stereo system or a receiver is something you can appreciate throughout the home. Surround sound systems are best when they have been built in as part of a comprehensive home theater plan. Don’t forget to connect your outdoor speakers as well to create a property-wide sound system.

Internet – Wiring your entire house for the internet can come in handy in so many ways, especially when you need to look up a recipe in the kitchen, connect to your favorite streaming service in the bedroom, or help your guests in the guest room stay in touch while visiting.

Security – Home alarm systems and security cameras use wiring and networks that often travel from inside the home to the outdoors and vice versa. Wiring these items as part of your home’s structure keeps them safe and fully functioning.

Planning ahead with pre-wiring as your build your home is the ideal way to prepare for all your wiring needs, but professional installers can still wire your home even after it has been completed to make your home theater and internet seamless and immersive. Sure Site has been helping homeowners plan their home’s structured wiring and custom wire existing homes to enjoy the best of current technologies without unsightly and dangerous wires. Contact us today to learn how you can get started today!